Round 6 - Closed March 2021

Round 6 - Closed March 2021



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In March 2021 the Regent's Place Community Fund awarded Round 6 grants totalling £81K to the following groups, specifically for core costs during the 2021 pandemic:

  1. Action Youth Boxing Intervention
  2. Caris C4WS Homeless Project
  3. Fitzrovia Youth in Action
  4. Life After Hummus Community Benefit Society
  5. Little Village
  6. New Horizon Youth Centre
  7. Regent's Park Time Bank
  8. SmartWorks
  9. Third Age Project

Thank you to all who have collectively donated to such worthy causes:

(British Land, CIS Security, Dentsu International, Facebook, Lendlease, Optimum Group, Gazprom M&T and Regent Office Care)